Karma's Coming Your Way

Who are you?
No but seriously, who?
You think you know me but you really don't.
You should get off your high horse but i know you won't.
I can't take a step without your watchful eye;
Waiting... just waiting to see me try.
Try to be different and find my own wings
But you assume I will get caught up in these things.
You love to judge and assume I’m doing wrong,
You should be tired of waiting so long.
To call me out and tell me I don’t belong.
I know it isn’t true,
I do… I do…
So why do you insist on attacking me too?
Along with the rest, those you’ve put down
All because they do not agree with the life you’ve spun along
Do what you want because you know what they say
Karma’s a bitch and she will have her way
Judge me all you want but you’d better just pray
Another you doesn’t come along and to you do the same.


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