One job...May change my life....but lots of jobs...


New Jersey
39 Powell Avenue
United States

When was the day that I felt the heat?

Was I lifeguarding on Jackson street?

Was I pouring salt on a customers fries?

Was I organizing silk sewn ties?

Did i ring up that DVD correctly?

Did I greet the people for their lunch correctly?

Did I put in their order correctly?

Was their change correct?

Yes it was, eight dollars, last I checked. 

This shit is hard, and people are mean.

What else is there to do, I dream. 


So your sick of stocking mountain dews?

Turn on your tv, look at the news. 

Christie's got a plan, to get it up

Because eight percent is not enough

So your saying I should get a job?

What type of job? You mean a real job?

Oh that shit is dreams you know.

For rich white kids and all their dough.

Nope not a girl like me .

Just empty pockets, no money.


Well think it over, you never know.

A career might be the way to go.

I can picture it can't you.

Sky diving photo's, brazil, Peru.

A little shack alone on the beach.

Your own collection of shells and beach.

Show people the beauty of the shore.

Or give them a tour, into the jungles you know.

Because you learned about all that,

while you were sitting in class.

Ass numb from the hard old seats.


I guess I could give it a try.

What is there to loose?

Just a mound of studen't loan debt!

Ha you forgot about that!

What about that?

Oh, its the chance you take.

If your life is what you want to make,

make real and true,

and for once like what you do.

Like what I do?

But, there's so much to do?

How's a girl supposed to know,

when shes only 19?


So go to school find out,

and get a job you can't live without,

because a chance to learn, 

that's what life's about.

Okay so your right.

I'm giving it a try.

So I'll never have to wonder

why, am i still stacking cokes?

So whats a couple of classes?

And maybe one day something better.

After all this could be right.

One job, could change my life.


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