The Untold Story of the Fairy Godmother

Once upon a time, there lived a fairy godmother. She spent her whole life granting wishes to unfortunate girls. She would hear their pleas alwyas at night, keeping her up, fufilling their wishes one by one. It wasn't until recently that she put a time limit on them: 12 o'clock midnight. However, that only increased the demands of wishes as well as the anger that came along with it. Some of her customers stopped, claiming that it was wrong to put a limit on wishes, but they just didn't understand.

They didn't understand how much work is put in, how much effort and time, how many she had a day, and all at the cost of nothing. 

But that was going to change. Whether they liked it or not.

It was a quiet night. Fairy Godmother was reading through her list of wishes that she had to do the next day. She had finished everything for today and just wanted to relax. All of a sudden her wand lit up, the brightest she's ever seen it in a long time, she knew this was going to be a big one. Reluctantly, she grabbed her wand and cloak and guided it to the source of the wisher.

She arrived in a backyard of somesort, willow trees oddly placed and concrete benches worn down. As she looks around she hears someone crying. She turns to see a young lady in a torn up pink dress, with blonde hair, her face buried in her arms. Slowly, she approaches the girl, not wanting to startle her.

"There there my child, everything will be okay," she says to the girl.

Confused she responds, "Who are you?" through sniffles.

"I am your fairy godmother. My wand lit up at the request of your wish. I am here to help you. What is your name my dear?"

"My name is Cindy, but I am afraid you cannot help me. I was supposed to go to the grand ball, but my evil stepmother and stepsisters ruined the dress I made with my friends." she explained while motioning to the torn up dress she was wearing. 

"Oh don't worry dear, you have no idea of what I am capable of doing. Just sit tight and watch." She winks at her. Cindy decided to go with it although she was confused and slightly terrified. She watched in amazement as the fairy godmother brought her garden back to life. Making that old pumpkin from Halloween into a life-size carriage, making those pesky rate into carriage men and making her rags for a dress into a beautiful ball gown.

"Wow." Is all Cindy could say, "Just, wow. I'm speechless."

"I know," Fariy Godmother said smiling. Even though her job was tiring, she would never get tired of the reactions she received. "However, I have to warn you, this whole fiasco will end at midnight. So, you have precisely two hours to get to that ball, show them what you got and leave. Hopefully not breaking too many hearts," fairy godmother said winking.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I cannot thank you enough," Cindy said while getting in the carriage. "I won't let you down!" as she waved out the window.

All fairy godmother could do was smile and wave. No one knew that that would be the last time she granted anymore wishes.



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