The Science of Fatherhood

His dad always told him
“You can do anything
Be anything”
And he believed him
Some days he was a
Or even a
But never was he a doctor.
He had seen
The worn lines etched
Across his father’s face
Too many times
Memorized the swells
Under the man’s eyes
Too closely
Sensed the intensity
Of his father’s agony
After a patient’s
Too deeply.
He understood science
Biology, chemistry, physics
But never would he be able
To grasp the science
Of knowing someone’s
Death is inevitable.
“You can be a doctor”
His father told him
“You have everything
You’d need”
His father never understood
The science of a boy
Who just wanted his father
At home.



This is a very deep poem, and deals with how memories of children affect them far into the future. If you are interested in writing more about memories, check out tips for writing about memories under the "resources" section!

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