So Close

Hurrying in to work, late again.

The cold still nipping at my nose,

The heat of rushing burning in my legs.

I try to calm my heartbeat

But it’s useless when I see you.


Warmth fills my stomach

And I curse myself for little control.

Trying to stay away from you,

But our boss has other ideas.

I promise myself:

No eye contact,

No touching.

But why do you have to be so kind?

So inviting?


Handing you a pen

My hand trembles.

Laughing at your jokes

Not realizing it.

You say you like my scarf,

Though it’s old and shabby.

I want to say I like your eyes,

Though I keep that to myself.


Sneaking glances

Out the corner of my eye.

We’re stand near

Intentionally, I hope.

There’s plenty of room to move over

But you shift, coming closer.

I sense you, feel you, smell you.

Warm, heavy, dark.

I could slide to my left

Give us some air

But is it any surprise that I don’t?




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