My Generation.

Wed, 06/25/2014 - 18:28 -- Lizr13

I feel like the decades have hitten a rough path. 

Seeing people my age or even younger, acting like maniacs. 

YOLO, has made things worse. 

Really? You didn't know you only live once?

Music now is refering about sex, making females look like nothing but objects.

To make things worse most girls don't stop it. Instead they dress provocative. 

That's why in my generation the amounts of rape and drug usage are so high. 

They are brainwashed by the media. 

It feels like the rates for the good minded people are low, 

making them sober, no drugs nor alcohol, 

instead focusing on the big goal. Life.

My generation needs to change, but others are much worse. 

Younger generations are going downhill, 

if it doesn't change our future doesn't look so bright. 



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