Intervention: Growing Up

Fri, 05/31/2013 - 23:42 -- shijbey


United States
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Life is coming at you quick
There is no place to turn
College is upon you
Adult hood is upon you
Life - is upon you
Those days are gone
The days of sitting down at tables
French-fries in hand
Swinging your feet without a care in the world - are gone
Its time to step up
To move forward
To become the man you are supposed to be
The type of man that earns a living for his family
That goes to work to earn his keep
Because in the world nothing is free
Nobody gives you a thing
You have to earn it
God knows it’s hard
But it has to be done
Don’t let yourself stray down the path stagnation
Don’t allow excuses and laziness run you
Read the signs and step up
The time is upon you now
Go forth with determination and passion
With every step, immerse yourself
Take pride and joy in your work
It’s your time now
Time to grow up
Time to face the fact
Those days are gone,
And life is upon you


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