A boy and his mask


When I’m at school I’m always wearing a mask

I keep quiet, do my work, and always the first to class

I’m very punctual I student I show up almost every day

I work really hard in class to try to get all A’s

I don’t speak unless spoken to and act very antisocial

I’m always getting questioned about having any vocals

I’m a very good student with no sleep lost

But that all changes when the mask comes off


When the mask comes off and the curtains come down

That’s when the fun in me shows and it’s time to act a clown

I go to parties and kickbacks then have me a blast

I go play basketball and talk a lot of trash

I’m always dressed dope with a hat to match too

If students see me out of school they ask “Brandon is that you?”

I always smile a lot and almost never bite my tongue

I try to go out on dates, go live life, and have fun

When I get back to my house and all is done and said

I put my mask back on and then happily go to bed


There was once a time where there was no mask in school

But no one took me serious and I was treated as a fool

I tried a different personality that is now known as a mask

Now I can get along with kids and teacher, boy what a task

I do this to get to the college that I want in this world

And not go throughout high school without having kissed a girl

So I’m getting through high school and doing the unheard

By partying with the jocks while still being a nerd


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