Do You MIND Having a MIND?




By Sheila Curiel




A mind, is not only your own self.

Including the millions of people that; survive, are born, die, and live.

You, them, me, we , they , US.

All participate in the rectification of a world that is the last one in the scale of life.


It was naturally not made to be broken by the human.

Can we escape?

Run, Run, and walk if you want to.

But there is one section that remains untouchable by our comprehension

If I tell you

¨Do you MIND?¨


Having to take a risk with creativity,

Having to live,

Taking a responsibility,

Is it wrong?.

It is not wrong.

We all survive, are born, live, and eventually...

We learn to die.


Do you blame your self?

Or do you blame them?

For what I don't have, and what you have.

I find this funny

Asking my self for you…..


Do you MIND having  MIND?


I will ask again


Do you mind having a mind?


How could we mind having the art of a creation,

Being more accurate,

The art of a rectification.

The beauty of nature is here, waiting for us to find it and make it better.

I want to share my mind and express it loud.

Like any other dreamer.


There is difference between us.

But is has always been the same struggle.

In this modern world of lighters is hard to see the real light,

And even though I know that the night is approaching

I can't even see three stars in the sky.


With the addition of the years is becoming more difficult.

To find a different idea of something already created.

You take the risk, it is necessary on days like these.

And jumping  metaphorically of that high cliff that seemed to be friendly,

but still having the same altitude as when you were a kid,

because we are talking about the same dream.


Nothing has changed since the times of Djuna Barnes or Miguel de Cervantes.                           Still all of them are fighting to get what we all want,

share ourselves with the world.

But the difference between them and not their time is the fact of,

Not minding having a mind.


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