This past year
I went from living in fear
Of where is my next meal
To getting a job Between school and work
I work seventy hours a week
Sometimes I wake up weak
And I sleep
In class
Every quite moment I sneak
Don't worry I still pass
Each class
With all A's
My grades
Put me in the top of my class
They tell me I can go to any college I ask
I'm going straight to the top. Now I can buy what I need
I can stand of my feet
Pretty soon I'll get a car
Won't have to go to work on my feet
Still feeling my dreams
Are far
But now I've taken the first leap
Despite this feat of juggling work, school, and sleep
My parents still givin me grief
Not gonna help me fill out my fasfa
So now I'm afta
Any scholarship I can master
And I'm working on mastering any skill
I can capture to become a master
And maybe then I could make enough
To live the life I'm after
To change the world, and always have enough
Spread it around
Dig wells in Africa right through the ground
And pound away far away on the other side of the world
To hear the sound of laughter
As little children dance
In the rain of new life hope. To get there it's gonna be a long road
I see that now
I've realized
I need to stop wasting my time
And fill every hour with power
And purpose, of course
That's what this verse is about
My new mindset that came with work.

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