The Vice of Excess

To all the people who are forced to work rather than live:

Stress is the side effect of life squanderously spent;

Of undue labor, toil, and strife;

Why do we demand so much sweat in this life?

Modern life is a paradox;

We have machines to wash our socks;

But still we have not time to spare,

For undue work lies everywhere.

The people who fatten themselves;

And lay up taxes on their shelves;

Demand that we spend all our years;

Protecting them from what they fear;

The day their castles fall asunder;

So till that day, they’ll keep us under;

The impression that we need to;

Fill up free time with things to do.

Instead of loving life and God,

They’d rather we just do our job.

So it’s time to wake up from this dream;

And become more than what you seem.

To break the chains of a life of stress;

And remove from society the vice of excess.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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