Work to Get There

Fri, 02/13/2015 - 05:05 -- perkdul

My fingers are so tainted


Various colors, never shiny

Always cracked


These fingers will never be clean

Wonder if the food is tainted

They say there is led in the paint


The lines aren’t straight

They never are

Brushes can only do so much

Twelve projects due in four months

Sounds easy


The black line flickers

Telling me to hurry up

It’s waiting to hear a story


An hour, an hour

Day after day

I’ll never finish this work



With words that have no meaning

They need value

That only someone else can give


These bags are darkening

These lines are getting deeper



I am night owl

But the morning is dark and cold


The clock is signaling

Another day is starting

Mine hasn't ended


A day in the past

Legs ached

Head was dizzy ‘

Back and forth

Only trying to help


Everything that came in, came out

Laying on the floor

The bucket is cool on my forehead

Learning about labor unions

I need one


In the present

Two projects, one day


Vocab words

Cram the government in my head

Wonder if that powerpoint is good enough


The judiciary branch

Just had a debate


Coating my brain with words that seem meaningless without the law


Might be too busy

Or just distracted with my imagination

Receitate words

Sometimes they flow

Other times they stumble


The dog on the coach

Taunting me

Her eyes can close when they want

No obligations

Just a cute blank stare and need to be taken care of


She wants the dishes washed

The clothes neatly folded

A clean house

And the papers never to be spread out on the floor


Those lyrics i can quote with flow from my lips

Only distract

But they are so comforting



I am working my way to a higher education




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