I'm bouncing around 

Just looking for where to go

But half the time I'm bouncing 

It's just for show.


Can't stay in one place 

Or someone might think

The reason I'm still

Is that my life is out of sync


It's none of their business 

Some people might say

But, I can't just not care

'Cause they won't go away.


My air is deflated

The pavement is rough

But that's no excuse,

So, I've gotta get tough.


I can't let life defeat me

But, tell that to my heart 

It keeps sinking faster 

Waiting for a jump start.


They don’t tell you that

You’re living in a bubble

Until the day it pops

And you see you are in trouble


Real life, real bills

Real job, fewer thrills

Gotta work, gotta work

All your life and show your skills


So bounce far, bounce wide

Just not too high

And maybe one day

You can roll with a sigh.



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