Mon, 07/21/2014 - 03:13 -- Lil-Bit


Does anybody up in here have a story to tell or is it just me 

You know me growing up being the lawyer that I want to be or me growing up being another menace to society

But I have to answer that up on my own rather I am here with somebody or rather I am here alone,  but best believe that I  got people that's gone tell me right, but some gone tell me wrong.

You know they gone be like “a yo is you still doing it.”

Yes I’m still doing it and I’m doing it well.

I ’ma strive, go to college, and make something of myself unlike your self

when I get there, I ‘ma look back and I ‘ma ask you where you at, but your not going to answer me because your not going to be on my level                                                                                                            And I’m not saying that you can’t and I’m definitely not saying that you want                                                
 but I’m not the type of person that a choose a do over a don't

They will, but I won’t….they drink and they smoke
im not saying that I never will
I don't think you heard me because im saying that I never won't
I got dreams to think about

I got goals that I want to achieve and I’m trying to put it in a way so that you can understand the situation that I'm facing

My intelligence is being insulted by all the false accusations

 I am tired of sitting here waiting listening to your expectations when the influence you showing me ain't the right presentation

I mean I’m the future, but why can't you see that

I mean you said you want us to learn, but like did you really mean that

And if you did then support us by encouraging us and pushing us to be our best self

So that we will know that after High School, College is our next step

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