Two Plus Two

Will you believe, and see that two plus two can be something other than four?

Let us leave and wonder and ponder, and explore this concept furthermore.

Let us defy the norms of society and discover, and revive your imagination,

And see to it that two plus two is no longer what you once considered to be true.


Is it true that two number twos combined create a number shaped like a vertically flipped chair?

Then perhaps this is also true, for the duo can simply form twenty-two by a simple glare.

Then perhaps that double two, further manipulated, creates a fish whose head points Zion ward –

Flip one member of the pair horizontally and overlap both of the numbers two.


Is it a rather random shape, or have you closed your eyes and realized a rather random fish?

Whether you can see that shape may depend on whether you possess a desire to eat that dish.

Whether or not an ape can recognize the figure is more or less dependent on the same factors.

But now that I speak of apes, let us diverge towards the topic of turtles that are blue.


Any mathematician would know that two is the equivalent of the square root of four.

So would the square root of four, once fused with the same number, also equal fish?

So would there be another answer, once another possibility is opened furthermore?

So would I defy the current structure of this work simply to embitter my audience?

Perhaps I should,

Perhaps I will,

Perhaps I already did,

But now we shall return to the notion at hand.


The square root of four, as well as the first five words in this line combined,

Can create a view that is generic no more, once conformities are pushed behind.  

Flip a square root the other way.

The fours with open tops shall be ready for many a day.

Flip them both vertically and make it so that the chairs look away from each other.

The final step is rather similar to the fish we found before,

Push the houses and chairs together so that they connect,

And so the square root of four and its clone become a turtle.

Simply color it a gloomy hue of rain and a color blue it shall gain.


But return to the start of that combination,

So we may examine another transformation.

The square root of four and the fish from before,

Create a shape that has been butchered for you to further gape.

This time we shall use a four whose mouth remains shut;

Remove the shell of the square root of four,

And use the knife underneath to slice the fish in half.


But would you do the same to the turtle?

But would you do the same if the shapes were really living creatures?

But could you do the same if it were human?


If two plus two equals fish, but the sum of the square equivalents equals turtle,

Then fish equals turtle –

And so does everything else.


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