We love to hate but hate to love

everyday i watch girls cover their face with make-up

we pour ourselves into our jeans 

trying to fit the mold of what we think we should be

hiding behind curling irons and cute clothes

afraid to be be ourselves and really show

who you are.

to be loved and wanted is all we really seek in high school

who cares if i have to hide my true colors to be cool

these high heel chains attatched to my feet

they keep me linked to society

this caked on mask i use to hide my face

keeps me from being pushed away

the unspoken words that no one knows 

my problems my fears my broken home

my hopes my dreams my inspiration

i just keep it to myself because no one pays attention

i know im not the only one who feels this way 

im just the only one whos brave enough to say it

and if your happy being molded and constricted

stop being cruel and judgeing the ones who are conflicted

the ones who are to hurt tired and broken to speak up

the ones who have been used and abused and afe just ready for their life to be done...

we walk past them everyday

but we're just to comfortable in our own molds to say


"how are you?"

"are you doing ok?"

instead we're selfish and just shy away

we think "oh someone else will do it"

and we surpress the guilt until we can get through it?

sometimes we say "oh i'll do it tomorrow just wait"

but sometimes tomorrow can be to late

we all have our problems and don't care to add more

but just because you're not pushed to that point dosn't mean you don't need a cure

stop letting others bend and twist your morals

stop falling victom to societys tourtures

step back and take a look in the mirror

some nice quiet place where no one can hear you



whether you sit all alone or have thousands of friends

how many of those thousand will stick til the end

well i have the solution for eveyone

 every prep, nerd, geek, freak, fine arts fan, and athlete

if your goal is to be wanted and loved

step out of the chains and be yourself for once

i know it sounds scary but give it a try

wouldn't it be easier with somneone by your side

someone who knows who you really are

 someone to puch you til you reach the stars 

and if your to scared of being rejected to try

stop thinking so hard and just close your eyes


imagine a school, a country, a world

 where every single boy and girl

can just be themselves and have true friends 

instead of haveing this empty space and keep hurting

love the person you are and be yourself now

you'll make real friends and i'll tell you how

i know the thought of being alone is scary

so if you want your first friend 

can be me

its time to change the way the world is run

there is no reason we should love to hate but hate to love


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