This City


The other day James told me that he had a almost reached a dream that was close to me, 

He said he could've went to play ball oversees, but I guess it wasn't meant to be.

Which really makes no sense to me, 

Cuz he was sittin on the corner in downtown Kansas City,

telling me about his story still wearing his championship ring from my university.

75K over the course of six months, 

instead you'd rather be here hoppin from bars to clubs.


They said if you speak the truth then people gonna listen,

and if its from the heart then people gon feel it,

so here i go...

From my girl sending "i love you" text,

To Sallie Mae at my doorstep,

I can't even tell you how much I am hidin all this stress.

My man Daniel livin life and his brother too.

just made down payment on a Range Rover too.

They say their story is not yours,

just focus on your work and soon you'll have the glory.


But honestly I just hate it

how Daniel got a full ride and came back from a trip at Vegas, 

and here I am,

working and clocking-in all up in the pm.

See this shit is messin with me mentally.

Maybe its not meant to be. 

Lord please forgive me for ventin' but I just had to mention that I prayed for thousand dollar fixtures,

along with beautiful women comin in from out of town,

and you never done me wrong before so why should i give up now?

So with that I'm headin to the top who meetin me there?

The odds outweighs the evens but he doesn't care.

Because he believe in things that hasn't even seen

and he only 19,

and he got bigger dreams than THIS CITY's ever seen

and 5 years from now he'll say "it all was a dream".

So remember when I wrote this

Because this was the same day I chose to refocus.


So who am I speaking for? To give these young kids something that they can reach for?

You always knew you could make it baby

Just give it some patience baby.

While you struggling... in THIS CITY.





This is just something that was on my heart for quite some time

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