The Game

Sometimes life isn’t easy.
Sometimes life isn’t fair.
Sometimes your dream is given
to someone who is “better”.
Society’s wrecked, humanity too.
Trusting yourself; seems the only thing to do.
The work is hard.
And it never really ends.
Because people who can help, won’t
and throw you to the wolves again.
Talent doesn’t mean you’ll make it.
Money and opportunity does.
Still we all chase those glimmering wings
we hope will be our ticket to glory.
Many jump, trying to grasp its elusive freedom flight.
Many more fall short and tumble right out of the sky.
I hope, one day, I’ll catch my wings, tie them to me
and soar up in the atmosphere…
Id strive to stay above the clouds for the rest of my time.
My alternate hope is that one day,
If I don’t start my crossing soon,
I might get out of this game alive.



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