music saved me

Mon, 06/30/2014 - 20:38 -- Aabre14

She walks around with a smile on her face

But no one sees the struggle it takes

The weight that she carries is no simple task

I wonder how long the smile will last

The pain in her bones

won’t leave her alone

with a disease that she now owns

She wants to forget

But to her regret

This is the first of things she will get

From doctor to doctor

People have flocked her

To understand the disease that now haunts her

Now comes the medicine

Its hurting her head again

The side effects are making her sicker

I now sense the plot getting thicker

Her smile is now beginning to fade

She is starting to lose this evil charade

Everyone is now beginning to find

the deep secret she was hiding behind

Her parents are worried

In their cars they scurry

to take her to every doctor

that continue to flock her

More medicine! More medicine!

More pain in her head again!

but still nothing’s working

The pain its still lurking


Everyone’s forgetting that she exists

Its like she is drowning in a deep abyss

She’s now become invisible

Her life is truly miserable


But wait now there’s a glimmer of hope

She’s now found something to help her cope

It’s music

Yes music

It flows through her bones

Now it is music that won’t leave her alone

She’s finally happy, with pain and all

Finally this girl no longer feels small

Music saved her from the unknown

Music helped her not feel alone

Now you know everything except who she could be

Let me tell you she’s none other than me



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