Sorry, Sorry, Sorry

Wed, 07/22/2015 - 12:57 -- MMMATA

Go to pre-k to socialize

Go to kindergarten to alphabetize

Finish grade school to add, read, and write

Start junior high to divide, swallow history, and accept the map

More applicable skills: photo editing, status updating, slang champion

“High school is to prepare you for college”

Mastered skills: homework till midnight; procrastination level 100

Find x in terms of y

Who was Andrew Jackson?

Is this endothermic or exothermic?

Graduate high school

College equals reading

“Internships help you gain experience in the work force”

Translation: do our job for free, don’t worry we will provide food

But I need money

Gradate college

Enter job market

Sorry you do not fit the position, sorry you do not have enough experience, sorry you are overqualified

Sorry, sorry, sorry

Welcome we will pay you minimum wage

How will you survive? That is up to you to decide

Dad I need money; Mom I need a play to live; Life I need answers

Pizza for breakfast, ice cream for lunch, 2 for 5 burgers for dinner,

soup on weekends

500 friends on Facebook, zero networks

Is this all my fault?

I wish I was a little more brighter, a little more upbeat,

creative, attentive, reliable

You only make me hate myself by making me list my flaws

I am bright, upbeat, creative, attentive, reliable and beyond

I will combine my classroom experiences and design a future that was meant for me

I will not live another day eating boxed soup

I do imagine a job suited for me I can create that future I am going to continue believing regardless of how many No’s and Sorry’s I hear

I will do better because I can and am better than a uniformed job description

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