Unconfident to Confident


When i was young, they all thought i was going to succeed

Always compared, whenever my sisters were there

All of the pressure that caused me to bleed

Once i failed, i knew it was too good to be true

They knew it as well, that i wouldn't get through

The other side where the successful and elite would play

Behind closed doors, with no windows is where i had to stay

I let my mind wander and blame

I felt alone, unwanted, and lame

Suddenly, a day came when i could change

Reconnect with thoughts that are estrange

The day an idea sparked in my mind

The day i had to make my dreams mine

When i finally felt like i had a chance

Still without support, i would advance

I told myself to suck it up, and strive for the best

Even if i thought i couldn't do it, i would experience zest

Happiness in my heart

Confidence in my mind

A new life about to start

A new dream to find.

I can honestly say that i am fine

Because i now have a dream that i can call mine



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