Behind a Mask.

A girl sits in the classroom
minding her own buisness.
She's quiet, she doesn't
talk today.
She doesn't raise her hand anymore.
And when the teacher calls on her
she just shrugs her shoulders,
and acts like she doesn't know
the answer. 
But she does.
She'll say the answer in her head,
faster than anybody else.

In the hall she doesn't look up.
She bumps shoulders, but no one
seems to notice.
She drops a book, but everyone walks around her. 
She doesn't curse,
she doesn't yell. No, she's too
tired for that now. 

At lunch she holds a small 
brown paper bag. She places
it in her lap, leaving it
unopened. She doesn't eat,
she doesn't see a point. 
Her eyes dart around,
hoping someone would see.
Someone would notice the girl
who just won't eat her lunch.
But not even an eye glance.
Her head turns out the window,
waiting for the bell to sound.

The day is finally done
the final bell has already
She sits on a worn brown seat
as the bus rolls around.
Kids laugh and throw stuff around
She clutches her books in her lap,
waiting for the bus to stop.
No one looks over at her,
no one stops to ask, why she's
carrying so many books. 

The next passes,
The girl does not return.
The teacher takes role,
when her name is called, 
she doesn't say here. 
It's quiet, more quiet than
The announcements fill the air
and everyone is in shock.
They all whisper to each other
and they finally begin to see who this girl really was.
They hear her words loud and clear.
But it's too late. 

Take a minute to open your eyes
and see everything around you. Look and really look at somebody.
See what they're hiding. 
Don't start listening after 
they're dead. 
Look behind the mask,
and see what's inside.


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