In the dead of night I close my eyes

But cannot keep these thoughts outside

I hear it scratching at my door

And moaning from beneath the floor


I grab my pillow and cover my head

As its shadow falls onto my bed

Why won’t it leave me alone for once?

It’s been tearing me apart for months


This utter fear, this unfailing dread

This monster underneath my bed

You asked what keeps me up at night?

I’ll tell you now of my terrible plight:


Procrastination, my horrible foe

Procrastination, who I can’t overthrow

The homework, studying, work left undone

Projects and papers that give rest to no one


I squeeze my eyes shut, try to count sheep

But I just see my grades falling from A’s to C’s

The threat of bad grades invades my mind

I hear my parents’ praises quickly turn into sighs


Exasperated, I force myself up

Turn on my computer, drain my coffee cup

I rub my watery eyes and set to work

While Procrastination looks on with a smirk



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