Work and Purpose

Work if it is not done with that sense of mission
that purpose of helping others around us, are then the
false gods adopted& erected for ourselves. Done purely for selfish reasons, work and everything that comes out of it, in a weekly paycheck, becomes full of distractions, distractions which self isolate and comfort us in our pleasure palaces tucked away in the suburbs.
Instead of what it means to be a part of the human race. We in turn go against it.
Voluntary work may be better, a better way to use of my time and my gifts, than the work that is done to earn a living and to put food on the table each week. It would be that feeling of I having chosen to give of my time and energy, that would provide me with that extra boost of confidence in my life
What you don't like, is what your mom calls the "bottom line" or plainly the distrust your company creates in you and your coworkers. Sales and profit.

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