Something Other Than Love

Mon, 08/28/2017 - 14:11 -- m.tpete

I wish I could write,

About something interesting.

I wish my mind could write out,

All it's witnessing.

I wish and wish a lot of shit.

Dish it out, one by one.

Done with this world, done with feeling.

Send me reeling to a psychosis.

My own sis don't know me.

She don't know I think about her at night.

I might tell her one day,

But I'm afraid I wouldn't do it right

The plight of a middle class, white male.

Hating himself when he fails.

His ass beaten,

His heat bleedin'

Demand a stand, ask why he's cheated?

From one mother to another.

Laying one to rest,

The next trying her best.

You think you had it hard?

Did you have a guard by your door?

Furthermore scared that it'll bust in the middle of the night.

That your life might end by the edge of a knife.

From the only father figure you can ever remember.




Towers weren't the only thing that fell that day.

A family,

Seperated by tragedy.

It hurts to speak

But I live it week by week.

So don't give me your bullshit.

Quit your damn bitchin'

I work a minimum wage position

Bussin' dishes for rich mistresses

And their affluent children

Sweepin' floors, wipin' doors

Wishin' for it all

Because at Nineteen I still want my first car

I don't have an Iphone,

Just the fossil stone that I own.

Yet I don't complain.

I take the rain.

I take the pain.

Because you can't gain

If you abstain from the blood in your veins.

 Telling you to start from the bottom

And you'll make it to the top.

And I won't stop 'til I get there.



This poem is about: 
My family


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