Carry On Their Name

Wed, 01/16/2013 - 14:01 -- c8lyn94

They don’t have much life in their bodies only in their eyes
Their bodies sore with daily task
Thoughts are thick
Putting a heavy weight on their minds
Drained out
Full of fear and sorrow
But in their eyes
Is where you see their soul
They watch their children dance and dream
For a better life
They battle for a smile
To give hope to tomorrow
They hold the young ones
With a gentle soft touch
With hands so used and so rough
What will become of them when they are gone
No memory of their name
Or their beautiful grace
We fantasize the lives and glorify the glamour of the rich
As they all go down in our history
Because or ignorance acts like the rich’s gift
To ignore a harder life
How these people strive
Without the glamour
Without the fame
So that maybe their children will have a chance
To carry on their name


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