Stand In The Way Of Sucsess

Wed, 10/25/2017 - 11:57 -- Neftee

Trudge through the mud

and the rain.

No rest for the weary

No rest from the pain

Lights and the shadows

play tricks on my brain

And my heart is strained

against a Thick rusted chain.

But I do not care

I will overcome,

This world is a fighter

But I will not be won.

I will dominate the troubles

Till the job is done

And I march

Through the marsh

Over rocks

With my cross

I am winning

this match

I am winning

this fight

With my sweat

And my blood

And my tears

And my pain

Till the day is mine

Till I go insane

Till the victory means nothing and everything

Till I forget my name

Till my life is a vacation

With no room for the shame

I am working my spirit to the bone

Forgetting my competitors names

Hearing their cries

But I refuse to accept blame

Do not stand in my way!

I will not be played!

Stand clear!

This is the only way.

This is my destiny

This is my job

This is my game


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