I have awoken

From the slumber that has

Trapped the billions.

Enlightened - by chance -

Seeing what they do not,

Feeling what they ought to,

But, alas,

They are trapped in the gruesome reality

That binds them.

They lay with their eyes

- Closed.

Shut tight against their dreams.

They are drowning -

Drowning -

In their reality.

Their cold, cruel, toxic cesspool that rots,

Not their bodies,

Not their beauty,

But their spirits, their souls,

Their dreams.

Trapped in reality, 

They gave up,

With nothing more than a whimper from the nightmares that haunt them.

They gave up their hopes, their happiness,

Their child - like wonder in the world.

They are dead inside.


And yet, 

I have awoken,

And can't help but feel that

There are others like me,

Groggily shaking their heads of the slumber that once bound them.

Once cleared, 

They have found that reality is not as ugly as they once thought.

They see the beauty in the world.

In the volcano that erupts and releases

Clouds of dust and specks of enflamed coal,

Each a brilliant star the moment they shoot into the air,

Each a comet, as they plummet to the Earth.

That they have awoken and see not just death,

But birth, renewal, and life.

That they see the winter, with its cold beauty,

That it pushes people together,

Keeping each other alive,

Watching the cool frost as it melts beneath the warmth of those,

Striving to survive beneath its sweet, stinging bitterness.

They see the revival of the dead within the coming Spring,

Because no one ever truly dies.


My wish is to find those who have awoken,

The people who look at the night sky and see much more than the stars.

And I hope, that once together,

We can awaken the entire world from its comatose state.

That they will learn 

To DREAM and to KISS and to LOVE, not in darkness,

But with their eyes wide open,

Light reflecting in every direction,

Accepting the differences,

Loving the dark -

Because without it,

We wouldn't see the stars.

My dear William once said, 

"I awoke only to find that the rest of the world was still asleep."


I understand him.


But it seems, 

People are less drowzy,

Are more open and accepting than ever before,

And I,

I hope when they finally do SEE for the first time,

They GASP at the beauty of the world they had once been so blind to,

The world I had always seen,

The world that I will ALWAYS love.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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