Scarred Ailes Volent Plus Difficile, Cher Satan


No one told you to see them
No one asked you to stare
No one cared you spent that moment
Wishing they weren’t there
No one believes the scars are true
Or the past you can’t undo
But especially not the numbing pain
Deep inside of you
The scars become your life 
That you resume every night
But their appearance has more betrayal
Than an unfaithful wife
The scar is an unlikely effect 
Of the sensation you'll soon regret
But in your mind, sweet darling
The blade is not a threat
Reality has more pain
Than you yourself can bare
So yourself screams at you
“Don’t make me go out there!”
So you cradle yourself softly
And slip yourself a blade
Then finally you can drop
This “I am strong” charade
Your defenses fall faster 
Than the tears on your face
As the blade begs continuously 
To give your skin a taste
You swore you could stop
Just as soon as you began
But next thing you know it,
You were cutting yet again
The pain is not pleasant
Not one you like just fine
It’s just a small reminder
That you are still alive
You question yourself daily
If you have died asleep
Because somehow the real you
Is just too far to reach
It was never for attention
Of course, never for the crowd
The addiction just took over
When the voices became too loud
Yes, the voices
The voices in your head
They weren’t trying to send you to heaven
But down to hell instead
You said you tried to fight them
You cross your heart you did
But you were losing from the start
So who were you tryna kid?
The addiction had its claws in you
A battle you’d surely lose
Who did you think would take the blame
For the life you chose to choose
This is not a fairytale 
Darling, you’re life is going to end
You continue down this road
And death will be your friend
You say you don’t want to leave right now
This life you surely hate
That you’d rather swallow reality
And eat it off a plate
So standing four years later 
You’re healthy as can be
It seems that deadly addiction
Has chosen to set you free
So as you end this story
Be proud of who you are
Because the old you was then
And you have come so far.
                                                              Written by : KeAnjane’ Govan


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