Time, order, politeness, civility
are all their little despotisms
Scheduling becomes overscheduling
Work degenerates into overwork
Being respectful leads to automatism
All forms of organization
down to the family
follow this forward pointing line
Until life is cut off from itself
and caught in a tangled web
Civilizations like Pompeii
were buried under tons of
volcanic ash
For us it is overwork
and overproductivity
coming down to crush
us and kill us like ants.
Our leisure time is almost dated
like that of a Seurat painting
( An Afternoon on The Grand Jatte
The masses finding only a
seconds worth of time to breathe
before going back to their
toil and servitude.
It is cariacturish, our time in leisure
and says control the way our time
is rationed out for us.
It has been like punishment to
watch the rich and their illusions
of ease that seem to carry on
forever without stopping!

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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