In the Alley Way


Concrete shells dig into my flesh
as your teeth gnaws at my neck –
hungry, vehement, absent.

You grip my hip like a harness
I feel myself being shred less, to less.
Your mouth smothers mine;
You taste like ash and bile.
I can’t breathe or see.

You peel away my skin
my limbs – until I’m only fragments.

I crawl over to the grass
to cleanse myself in the dew but
the grass is brittle,
and the sky is bruised.

You come over again and grab arm –

No, don’t touch me.

But you unwrap me in ease.

I want to shove your drunk body into
the street, you cuss, you curse,
you can’t contain your disgust? Well,
I’ve gone dry and you smell like vomit.
Don’t touch me.

Then you mutter lies you tell all your girls,
how special we must be.


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