This disgusted feeling 

For another human being

So wicked

For a man who didn't mean a damn thing

If you want love honey, go love yourself

But instead you chose to spread your legs

It amazes me how a woman who was born to be a queen can turn out so ugly?

But she's filled with so much dread

A waste of space


Who raised her?

This withering flower I wonder who'll taint her?

You mistake lust for love 

You deceit your own mind, for your own securities 

Be ashamed for you are shameful 

It seems so sureal to experience something so painful

A woman that can envy another mans true love

Is no woman at all instead a filthy lost soul still in search of her own happiness

Still in endless chase for a man.. why you're no queen at all

Just a helpless soul waiting for any chance to fall

Your empty, lifeless, meaningless you have nothing so you try to take everything

Honey you can have it all 

Because you see a real queen is no competition .






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