You made me hate the things I love

Sun, 06/29/2014 - 13:20 -- krotar

I never thought I would hate the sunset,

it makes the trees look dreery and reminds me too much of you;

slow, bright, and intriguing. 

I never thought I would hate that song,

it makes parts of me feel worthless and the memories of you spin back;

achey, sad, and lonely. 

I never wanted to hate you.

You make me feel out of place,

distrot, and overused. 

But, I never wanted love you. 


Not for one second.

At all.

But you make every part of me weak,

every laugh I have and smile I make glimmers with the thought of you 

and the deep undertones of my melancholy melody that I live too

reside to the tapping tune of your racing heart. 


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