People think they can define you by the way they see you rather than the way you live

Money does make the world go round, literally

My parents struggling for the best for me and my brothers

Praying to God that there would be food on the table tomorrow

It aint easy out here, i try not to envy the people who have it all because i know my turns next

Taking care of my family not living the average teenage life is what i missed out on

but i dont forget it, because everything happens for a reason

Hearing gun shots and sad news making people depressed

Holding that joint, that blunt so tight kissing it to let all the sorrows go away.

As i blink and look to the stars i cry. and thank God for all he has done for me.

Dont let people define you or let your struggles become an obstacle

always remeber to do what you have to do, to be the best

Because at the end of the day i tried..



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