What is the point of being alive if you are not living?

Day after day 

You start thinking about what you have done

You are exhausted

And you wonder when is it all going to stop

You work

And work

And work

And just when you think you have finished that's when you realize it is a never ending path



That is when you realize you are doing everything in your power… 

For what?


That is when you realize 

You have been going on for so many years

And you become aware...

All this time...

You have been blind


You are so worn out your pieces start falling apart

That is when you stop for a moment


You stop to find an answer, and when you do not find any you just keep going on

Because time

Is eating you up


“You are educating yourself," they said

But are you really?

If by "educating yourself" they mean

Having tests

Lots of homework

And tons of pressure?

Then yes,

They are right

You are educating yourself


You work like a machine that just get rustier and rustier


You are so worn out, that someday...

Your machine



You stop for a moment

And think



You open your eyes and you see things that you had never noticed

You observe

And you realize of all you have missed because you have been very busy

You are very busy surviving

But what about living?


You observe the world around you

And you are drowned by its beauty

You observe and you discover


You discover those little things that really matter

You discover

That life is beautiful


You discover that life is the only thing you really have

Your memories

Your thoughts

Your experiences


Your life


Life is everything you have 

Because you would be dead if you did not have it


So what is the point of being alive if you are not living?

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