I used to hate my face.
I defined my beauty by how many likes I got on my profile picture
Or by how many people said they liked the way I looked.
I was so embarrassed by my interests
And if people made fun of them,
I'd get so defensive
And say viscous things
That always backfired on me later
And ultimately I'd end up feeling stupid.
But once I learned to embrace my looks
And the things I'm passionate about,
I realized that
Being confident about what you love
Makes it a lot harder for people to knock you down.
I'm not ashamed of my pale skin
Or my screamin' red hair.
I like my shark-colored eyes
And the way my hands shake
And I love my butt.
And guess what?
I'm not ashamed that I love movies
And that I think writing poems
Is a lot more fun than being social.
I love school,
And I'm not afraid to say it.
I'm not ashamed
That I consider myself to be both a republican
And a feminist.
I'm not afraid to admit that I suck at dancing
But I do it anyway
Because it's therapeutic and I like it.
I love that I love Beyonce
And the Kennedys
And Lady Gaga
And Lorde
And Justin Timberlake
And Miley Cyrus
And Macklemore
And Gregory Peck
and Jesus Christ
And tons of other people that my friends have never heard of
And I don't care that I hang out with people
Who aren't always into the same things I am
Or that I've been single my whole life.
And I'm not ashamed
That I have 12 crewnecks in my closet
Or that I've gotten rid of clothes
I never even wore,
Or that I love gangsta shoes and hats
And looking dope in general
Even though I'm probably the whitest kid you know.
I'm not ashamed of my bad teeth
Or that I eat way more Lays potato chips
And drink way more Coke
Than anyone ever should.
Like, ever.
I'm not ashamed of my flat chest.
I love the fact that my sister is my best friend
And that I speak in mostly movie quotes
And that I take vitamins everyday
As if I don't have the diet of a 4 year old.
I'm not afraid to admit that I love Eminem
But I can't rap for shit
Or that I also love Taylor Swift
And Tchaikovsky
And New Jersey accents
Or that I'm a romantic
And an over thinker
And honestly a little stupid,
But most of all,
I'm not ashamed
Of the girl I used to be,
Or of the one I've become.
And even though she's far from perfect,
I feel #noshame in saying
That I think she's pretty rad.


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