My Name Is Destini


Have you listened lately?

Or did you become blinded by what you wanted to hear over what you needed to hear.

Selective hearing, I guess?

My talent is something God gave me a voice to move the room

Don't take that as a strong statement because if I move you that lets me know I made it

However that's besides the point

I need you to believe in me because I am the future

Although they say what you do today determines tomorrow

Barrack was degraded and humiliated to give up his dream to help the nation succeed

But with hopes of a better tomorrow you woke up to a new President

Hence his name is Barrack Obama

Let that settle in

I want my generation to understand we must believe and not percieve because if we let the luxury of name brands be the goal we will have nothing when we grow old

Mind, body , or soul

Fancy cars, flashy clothes, and memories of what used to be

I have a future that I have prized myself with and this what  I believe

I need you to hear me and shake off the fear because tomorrow is near

You  can sit and be patient but a change won't come if you keep saying "I'm just waiting"

You could have addressed me as Dr.Bethea

Get it? That is my last name but I wanted you to get the idea

Success is something I will through strength, support, and serenity.

In the end I need you to so I wont have to see my friend, your sister, or my baby brother become another statistic with a dream

My society shows no mercy on me

That is okay with though

Cause in the end I'll be everything they said I couldn't be

Because my name is Destini B.

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