To Be Heard

Just a small voice

Just a drawing in the dirt

It is my aspiration

To be loved, to be heard


As surely as the wind blows

As surely as a boat sails

As surely as moon shines its light

On a shore and it shows pale


I know I am valuable

I don’t want to get hurt

I deserve something, anything

To be loved, to be heard


And if I could see my last day

See all the damage that I’ve done

If I walk downstairs to fire

Or walk straight up with the Son


I hope I’ve left a legacy

More than just a footprint in the dirt

And a thirst for something more

To be loved, to be heard


Here in the third-to-last stanza

I’ve found something in my search

I find it’s pretty silly

To want to be loved, to want to be heard


Because people always saw me, loved me

Kept me from getting hurt

Forever I will know

I was loved, I was heard


I know in my final moment

I will not stutter on my words

I’ll say I’ve achieved my goal

To be loved, to be heard


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