Refound Motivation


Its that time again, back to the grind. Its the era of work, nothing left to unwind

But i know when im there, ill wanna rewind and remember the good times of summer played slowly in my mind like hangtime

If school is so good for us then...why do we shun it?  Its misunderstood and no one is here to love it.

However, school will work with us if we do the same. Get synergy going, no playing games no bad grade blames, no shame

Lets do good, make new friends and build a foundation for our lives. Be proud and free, frame our degrees and come out as sharp as knives

ITs a unique atmosphere, the laughes the good times, the shared struggles.

So much work like the thick brush of a jungle

The kind of work that makes you struggle and puzzled as you hustle with your muscles and you fight through with your knuckles, you clear the rubble, no more trouble and you succeed feeling the warm glow if the light at the end of the tunnle.

That feeling of succes that you can pass down from generation to generation leaving them with nothing to guess,  no stress and feeling blessed.

School isnt  hard or scary we all believe in you,

Be better then you could of dreamed, and make a legacy that even you'll find hard to outdo


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