5:50 a.m

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 01:52 -- Jzoll14


Eyes are restless and heavy 

As a brick on the chest cavity sits.

My body feels nothing but pure hunger.

A hunger for nothing but more slumber.


6:00 a.m

Eyes are still restless and heavy 

As an urge to crawl back in bed still stirs

I walk miserably off a cliff

A cliff that leads to a lengthy, black, rotting abyss.


7:03 a.m

Eyes are restless and heavy

As the gates to hell open and words become deadly.

Entering this portal I feel a painful ache.

An ache that cries to resurface and wake.


Time slowly passes and I become nothing but very nervous,

Even anxious.


8:10 a.m

Anger sets in.

Tantrums are at the brim.

Urges to throw things are held forcefully within.

I smirk with uncontrollable odium.

Oh how Hell was bearable until this!

I must escape.

Escape to any other much painful level of Hell rather than this.


8:53 a.m

Run. Escape, Freedom I can tast.


In my grasp a handle to a door rests.

Only now is the chance to save myself from a hideous fate.

One can only imagine how I put up with such torture.

To this I wish I had an answer.


10:50 a.m

Eyes are again restless and heavy.

As boredom rushes in my veins.

I struggle to not close my drained eyes.

Eyes that are so exhausted and tortured by the remaining hours of Hell.


12:06 p.m

Eyes so restless...

Everything has just settled and blurred.

I just allow all words to bounce off of me.

Bounce away to a place so empy and cold.


2:06 p.m

Nothing matters to me now

So close to the gates of freedom.

Something in me has finally begun to awaken

My muscles are twitching with excitement.

In my seat, I no longer want to rest.


 2:15 p.m

A remarkable alarm penetrates from somewhere above

My legs take over and begin to sprint.

I run fast for my only chance to be free.

Out of the gates of Hell to a world gleaming with glee.


2:15-11:59 p.m

Completely awake,

I dance without care and sing without fear.

On top of the world nothing can stop me!

That is until I must fall asleep and then sadly repeat.

Where true Hell secretly hides

Slyly disguised.



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