Struggle of Life


I miss being a kid when life was fun

Now all I am is on the run


Trying to hustle and work to come up with that tuition money

Bank account's zero, which isn't funny


My dad works hard, trying to get his son to make it

When I see him struggle I just can't take it

Trying to succeed, get that pressure off, shake it, shake it


Mom at hospital got gallbladder surgery

Hard to focus on school when all I did was worry

Teachers don't care, wanting me to unleash my fury


I work hard and study overtime

Because being successful is on my mind

Looking for God's help give me a sign


Trying to make a living so I keep going to college 

Teacher's preaching, spreading that knowledge 

Test coming up, have to get my facts polished


Take the test,realease the stress

Now I think it's time for a rest


Rest? No not a choice

Can't talk about all my issues or I'll lose my voice


Life is a struggle we know it's true

If we all help eachother out, that'd be cool





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