My Contradictive Unity


United States
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these hands, subjacent to my heart,
brush tears from eyes,
push water through space,
teach children to swim,
feed hungry lost souls, faith,
make art, heal wounds,
and open doors... for you.
these hands, pressed together,
are a symbol of my dedication to you,
the life in you deserves the work, of these hands.

my heart, subjacent to my brain,
the writer of my dreams,
unselfish beats to my lifes song,
my souls padrone,
the thing in me that says, yes,
you must keep searching,
yes, you must keep reaching out,
and yes, you are bigger than the negativity and the cold.
this heart, as weak as it is alone, beats for a unity,
to bring equality the world.

my brain, subjacent to the sun,
the stake of my selfish desires,
and voice of my temptations,
but also from it comes... innovation.
forming possibility like clay into plan and action,
tying sounds to colors with dendrite ribbons,
this brain, is a beautiful mix of contradictions.

my brain subjacent the sun, thinks, I am the bodies best, and shouts, "I am enlightened,"
opposite of my brain quietly sits my heart, it whispers, "please, let us be united,"
and my hands subjacent my brain and heart,
but able to rise above or lower itself to both,
mixes the paints of my body, in a contradictive unity,
that says, "we are art."



This poem is about inner conflict and outward action. My actions can rise above my inner conflict by doing the right thing when my selfishness wants me to do otherwise. It is also about how our hands can be used to destroy if we do not use self control. We have all been angry at some point in our lives, and we have all felt compassion for another at some time too. We see examples in the news of how people who allow what they feel inside to be expressed outside in destructive ways. We also hear wonderful stories about how people acting in an instant have saved another's life, or done something tremendous to help another person. What are your thoughts on your inner conflicts and unity?

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