One Hug Changed My Life

Everyday I woke, I worked, all day to day, no change.The broken record called "My Life", was simply played away.Routine will grind your smallest bones of vigor into naught,and as day and day pass away you'll find your heart has stopped.For me, forty years have crumbled quick, leaving me wanting more."Somethings amiss..." <- that much I knew, but couldn't tell what for.
It wasn't til my mother dear hugged this gray heart anew, Exuberance, restored to life, said "You can feel good too!"The machine "Me" fell to pieces and hunger filled my soul,to share a little love to all, who feel today is dull.
Come, dear workers, and smile with me, let's try to change our lives,from drudgery and mundane work to handing out high fives.These simple acts of kindness oft could be the cure we seek,to fix the plague of mankind's joy: the bad, the lame, the bleak. 

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