what makes me tick?

im being asked what makes me tick?
being a single mom of one
a college student
a part worker
being an intern at 25?
no none of those things makes me tick
it makes me grow
I go days, weeks, months without getting a new hair do
without getting a full night sleep
waking up next to a fussy but oh so beautiful little girl
checking my bank account to be sure we can catch the bus in the morning
none of those things makes me tick
sometimes having headaches for days and not knowing where the pain
in my lower back is coming from
maybe from falling asleep on the catch because I have a thousand things on mind
again none of those things makes me tick
because they say what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger
getting pregnant at 19 didn't make me tick
thinking that I had the whole thing figured out
family, love, a husband?
none of those things makes me tick as I sit and hope and pray that one day
God will say here is the man I want you to marry
those things don't make me tick
i hope day i can cry from all the joy and excitement and my daughter can know what a father is
he doesn't make me tick not even sick
again they say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger
be strong my queen, keep your head, you have so far to go
don't look back don't feel tick off
don't blessed that you made it this far


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