Arizona State is Worth the Wait

Dear 15-year-old Bellla,

College is rad. College is bomb.

I am having the time of my life at Arizona State.

Why did I have to wait?

My classes are going very well.

My friends are swell.

I enjoy my sorority and my on-campus jobs.

I have made a great group of friends.

I have made lifetime memories.

My social life is booming.

My weekends are packed.

How do I work 2 jobs, manage 18 credits, be in a sorority, and manage a social life, you ask?

It’s easy, you see.

Time management is key.

I know high school may seem like a drag.

I know you may feel like nothing will get better.

I know you feel like high school will never end.

But trust me on this, things can only get better.

Keep pushing through, Isabella.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll find your place.

You may feel lonely and like you don’t fit in now.

But just you wait.

Arizona State is worth the wait.

Believe me now, even though it may seem like ages away,

Graduation will be here in no time.

You will feel like high school never even happened.

Soon enough, you will be a college sophomore in your sorority housing writing this poem;

All the while reminiscing on high school memories.

And thanking God that that period of your life is over.

But, you must remember that this phase of your life is temporary.

And don’t let that stop you from making the most of high school.

Even if it seems like the longest, most boring 4 years of your life.
It goes by incredibly fast.

Just sit back and let the time pass.

Do well in your high school studies.

I can assure you you’re doing great in college.

You’re thriving.

Even if it seems like you’re surviving.

Just power through.
Arizona State is worth the wait. 

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