Abused Never More


Abused Never More

Never look into your eyes,

don't talk to anyone,

stay at home at all times,

your the reason,

I learned how to lie,

Use the make up cover it up,

Make sure you can't see the brusies,

cover up your body,

its mine mine mine I own you,

the words you said,

with every hit, burn or cut,

until the next day....


Then it'd be oh babby please,

I didn't mean it,

I'm sorry or you know I love,

I didn't know what to do,

so I eneded up staying with you.


One day someone seem me bleed,

and told me to lift up my shirt,

they could see my wounds,

from the old to the new,

he said whose been abusing you?

that day i realized t was you.

Soon after he called the cops,

you were put in your spot,

a cold damp cell,

with a nasty smell,

wasting away,

thinking what you did to me,

each and every day,

I learned that I was finally safe, 

with you put away.













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