My Lyrical Work Ethic


It's Not About Whether Or Not You Like The Choice Of Working A 9-5,

It's About The Choice You Have To Make In Order To Provide,

Some People Have To Teach Classrooms,

Some People Have To Clean Bathrooms.


Some People Are Near 60, And They Only Get Paid 7.25 To Serve Fastfood,

I'm One Of Those People,

Except I Am Only 17 Years Of Age,

In Reality, A Job Isn't Always About How Much You Get Paid.


However, It Is Important To Want To Work For More Than Minimum Wage,

The Purpose Of A Job Is To Challenge One's Desire To Work,

So Stop Procrastinating And Get Hired To Work,

Advance Your Work Ethic!


My Name Is D'Armani, And I Want To Be A Musician.

I'm Hopeful That I Can Be A Music Industry Mogul,

I Want People To Listen To My Music,

I Want Them To Label Me An Influence.


My 9-5 Has Benefited This Life Of Mine,

It Has Helped Me Invest Into Studio Time,

I Have A Passion For Rapping,

Speaking Such Clever Lines And Rhymes.


Hip-Hop Is My Culture, 

My Lyrics Create Sculptures 

Of Life, 

I'm Not A Rapper, I'm An Artist






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