School Violence

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Why Am I Not Good Enough? Great, you woke up. Well;1. Take a shower, you don’t want to smell.2.
Why Am I Not Good Enough? Great, you woke up. Well;1. Take a shower, you don’t want to smell.2.
Walls of Glass By: Ashton Brophy They said I could hide it Said I would never feel a thing Said that there’d be comfort  No hurt, no pain 
Let I be the thorn and you the rose, Each time I prick someone we grow close. Neither you are eternal nor I, Each pricked finger is a witness that you are mine. Many an insect may hover round you,
School can truly hurt Every day can be bad Risking an attack
I Normal Talking Quiet discussion waiting for the bell Homeward Bound   II A bell Alarm
I hate walking through the hallway every day I hate hearing what other people have to say When your friend is only two feet away  There is no need to scream the whole way  
                                                                             Pow pow pow the gun sounded             We can stopped in amazement, it was very slim, shiny and well-rounded 
4 miles away I felt the oxygen leave your lungs I heard you beg for oxygen while you laid on the cracked pavement One shot was all it took for them to shatter my mentality
School has always been my escape. I entered school and all my troubles were left behind. But my fear overcomes me. I cower with every sound that fills my ears And I remember the news and all the tears.
When I was a freshman in high school , there was all types of groups. There was the cool kids ,athletes , kids that thought they can play , trouble makers ,then kids that were smart and played sports but kept there space ,I kept my space.
कलम के सिफारिश थी ,चला था नवोदय शब्द बखान करने नवोदय की मोहब्बत थी उसे शुक्रिया-सलाम करने,लिखते लिखते जैसे में कही जड़ गया मेरे शब्दों  का इम्तेहान कठिन पड़ गया में निकला तो था दूरी मापने को,पर आज ये आसमान कम पड़ गया   @Pankaj Chourey Navodaya Jnv Ho
Oh America the great ,  I hope it is not too late  To say this to you  Please don't sue  but I've come to sate  We need you oh America the Great  For our greatness is overshadowing our humanity. 
Before I die I'll learn to rise High in the sky Where the Angels fly.   I'll be bright But never in sight
Thoughts and Prayers   My thoughts and prayers are not enough.   I think about how I wanted to start this poem by quoting
Bad Guy With a Gun   We have been studying Hamlet, but now I am sitting in a classroom with twenty five seniors in the dark.    
  She was taken When she was needed the most Her pure innocence Shattered And only by words
The girl Was all alone She cried inside  And hid behind Her tears that Blinded her
 Teacher: I am teacher. Student: I am student. Teacher: Good morning students I am your teacher. Student: You were my teacher. I was meant to trust you. Both: But you are less than what I thought of you.
Ever had a true friend that always saysTry to make some new friends,Just so they can raise new ways to get some appraise from a different face.You're just as insignificant as the empty space
Mommy I’m scared, am I going to have wrinkles like that lady when I grow up,  she shushes me and apologizes to the old woman, no darling she says as she pushes me out the door.
I hear shots after shots, I go run in fear. I know someone is in my school, I don't feel safe here. I came to school today wanting to feel safe,
We sit in silence.  The shuffle of books tearing at my ears,  Pages ripping, then fading into a miscalculated toss.  Creaking door hinged open,  An invitation into our minds. 
Hi, I'm writing this to you in blue pen,  I don't like blue pen because it bends around the page, Informal like sweat pants and oversized hoodies,
When I wake up early in the morning. It's most horrible moment, which is so hurting. When I wear school uniform It's most horrible moment when I am said to go to hell by my mom. 
ACADEMIC TESTS Oh these tests, Superflous academic tests. No time to prepare For entrance tests.
All around my high school, there are terrible things to see We've has so many lockdowns, it's almost a part of the scheduel All around my high school, there are terrible things to see
  All power means Is Pointless Oppression Without Even Respect I am powerless But that’s what makes my actions powerful  
quick breath sharp pain blank eyes go away let me be set me free save me from this misery take my hand hold me close i promise i  won’t ever let go
You are the through which we laugh You are the one through which we learn The ups and Downs that we face You solve them all in a good pace.
Listen closley head my words  for what you know is not the world the  world is better greater than this what we've done shall'nt be dissmissed The lion hold the gun then ends himself
We belong if we wear our masks, We belong if we act like we arent stuck in the body we are in,  We belong but only if we hide our flasks, We belong if we tell everybody where we have been,
The wind shrilled through her hair making it flow like waves on a undisturbed beach. Somehow synchronizing our steps we walked. We left no trace of where we were going ‘cause we didn’t want to be found.
I am a person that stands up for what he believes and you should know that I am someone that you can't decieve.   In all my life I always tried to avoid a fight and to me thats always been alright.  
Last November, We all got the call, From our school, To warn us all. Last November someone wrote: "I'm going to shoot the school up on Friday". No one believed it to be a joke.
Why Why this, why now? You’re so in love, but you can’t have What you love. He loves someone else, but you love him.
Thankyou for teaching me  Teaching me biology  Teaching me literarature  Teaching me history  Teaching me math But most importantly for teaching me reality 
A time of trouble A time without peace A time when children cry, screech Bangs ring out In schools and war grounds alike Students sob, wail, scream All of which fall On deaf ears 
Do you know what it feels like when you are a child and growing
Elaine Jane, Born to poor dropouts, yet still had a brain. Might not swing hammer, still moved from Alabama, Almost killed by a school shooter manna’
Teachers draggingNo one listeningStudents textingLooking down
A memory, a call, of times lost long ago. Of laughter that will always fall that day not long ago.   We missed the sign that could have changed  this rhyme to better times,
Please don't shoot me mister, I'm just a fat little kid.   I shouldn't have to die today for something you did.  Mom says "take the trash out", Dad, "feed the dog". 
Do you need it? Do you need the capability to take a life? Does the life on the other end of the gun have less value than yours? Do you need to allow your anger to result in the pulling of a lethal trigger?
Pain stained red Gained with lead Bullet wounds Gunpowder Sounded louder Than the silence In most sense Is more sore Silent Violent Lightening pain Blood struck
Amidst the brashness of the rain, And the vultures screeching in vain, I heard a little chirp, Acting in usurp.
It’s sickening. Makes me want to vomit. Makes me wonder what this Earth wants And why everyone’s on it. 2018 was supposed to be The year I graduate,
Now it’s 124 lost, no more we can cost. We need to teach the youth about respect, not give them neglect. The fear is rising,  it should be minimizing. The school should teach,
Columbine, Parkland, Boston Races; So many lost, too many faces. How long must this last? We must end this epidemic fast! 'But how', they ask, 'Impossible!', they say.
Eros, son of Ares and Aphrodite With shattered bow, and broken hearts in tow Weeping, among the silence, Of once beating hearts, No longer enchanted by love’s arrows.   War plagued that day,
Number one: When you walk through the doors on the first day of your freshman year, don't get too excited. Before you know it this place and these people will rip you apart and leave your remains scattered about the school grounds.
One text. One reply. Two texts. Two replies. Three texts. No replies. No response; which was so unorthodox. I thought this was so uncool, to be in school.
To the 17 children in Florida, your life continues on To the 20 children and 6 teachers in connecticut, we wont forget you To the families of these children and adults, my arms are forever open
Note: This poem is not based off real people or events, any resemblance is completely coincidental.   Tomorrow is Thursday I’ll be remembered, in my own way.
I pray that everyone will be at peace I pray that hate will decrease and love will increase I pray that there will be peace and that everyone will get a piece I pray that war and crime may cease
Dear Her,
Step one: High five Step two: Lock the thumbs Step three: Slide hands so they're facing each other Step four: Make a two fingered gun Step five: Bang
Your artistic views and intelligence would render... a part of me that made you more than a class member Hall way confrontation was slightly embarrassing
None of you really see you. You don't even need me. Am I just a joke to you, or do you just not care? Maybe I'm a little different. Maybe I'm not like you. All you ever do is push me around.
Have you gotten to know? Life wants you to be low In order for you to be high and have no cause to cry.   Just take note Your life is like a boat at the middle of a sea
Several things you do not know about me. People make the assumption that because I have brown hair and dark eyes, that I am basic.Indeed, I am.I collect keys and snow globes, but I hide them when my friends come around.I wear my heart on my sleeve
Everyday we walk through the boulevards of life sore footed. I and my infant friends scavenge with dogs, digging deep into  rubble with our hands covered with crimson badana.
"How now brown cow?"  Is what I would've said, about now, But within this past year  I over came my fear. Expression to say what one's inner self wants without always having to say
One day, Sara and I we played in the sunshine, her eyes sparkling and wide. We sat on the grass to watch the ants march by. One by one under the midsummer sky.   We lay on the dirt
Im a ghost in a river of the living Their minds are corrupt with the need  To be perfect To fit in among the rest, to uphold their Social standings And to reach the highest rank of the 
America once a place of dreams The world that was once a place of peace Now has violence on every street There is no place to run and hide From all the darkness and all the lies Bloody horror still resides
For me it was gold But for them its dirt The way they treat The way they speak But whatever it is I doesnt really fit They came along That wasnt too long Both singing a song
   The Beowulf in me would be like my battle against depression,Always caving for love when I barely got any affection,Always wishing for supporting hands when I barely had any protection,Wishing for better grades but my study time I was neglectin
It is very dark inside Sadness came and covered my eyes She covers my teary eyes, and muted my ugly cries Whenever I tried to fight back, she told be "Hush, dear" Wandering in the forest  A broken antler deer
Verb-Bully  Please stop all the taunting. Wanting To see me flip my lid.
I come home in despair To a world that doesn’t care I open my laptop to a world that does And shop.
The words that you spoke are now flowing in the wind.They sing to my heart and are deep in my skin.The words that were unspoken are now lost, we both must pay the cost.You are the sun and I am the moon, we fit together, the perfect two. See your t
A little girl or boy, an innocent child of barely any age.You had a life ahead of you, some would be police officers, some would be nurses,Some would be musicians, and others teachers.Your life was taken, taken away. 
under the cage under my life tell me do you bleed like me I know we're different but why don't you bleed don't you have a soul body or are you just skin and bone wishing for a life
January 22nd.  La Loche, Saskatchewan. A little town in Canada's province.  We were all over the news. False information and stupid media. "School shooting, 5 dead and 8 injured"
i  love  myself   not  knowing  what  love  is  to have  and  have  not   seems  like  shoestring  in  knots   apair  of  shoes   one  or   two    is  in shambles not  knowing  feelings  are   hurt
Sandy Hook The day of December 14, 2012 Parents sendin kids to schol with kisses Lunch boxes fill the many classroom shelves Filled with words from mom folded up with blis  
School, The memories are Coming back. I remember  A place where No one cut  Me slack. I remeber School. The place where  Everyone and no one Wanted to be. 
They whisper loud They whisper proud They know I hear, .... They know i hear them loud and clear It's the words they say These words they say they ruin every day I beg and pray
There’s an underbelly of this school Not where the cool kids rule I’m starting to think they run the place Like some all powerful alien race Some represent a pool of sludge I blame it on their hideous pudge
Matthew Guerra I am the next best, Setter for Volleyball, but what makes me different, what defines me, there alot of thing that define but defintely not my looks, people may have the same talents,'
I am me. I am crazy. I am quiet. I am loud. I am not popular. I am content.   I am me. I am my playlist. I am my grades. I am small mind. I am a great mind.
Her choice seems clear as day, 
But no one can really see.
 That the choice that changed everything, 
it didn’t belong to her.  Tears silently follow,
 she sits on the floor.
 Grasping at the cold tiles, broken to the core.
Mommy, Daddy, please don't be sad and please don't cry I'm alive and I'm happy; in my new home in the sky We're running and playing; there's so much space Mommy and Daddy HEAVEN really is a beautiful place
(For all the victims of sexual harassment)   Their names were many, Their faces were multiple. I simply called them “fearful”, They simply called me “easy”.  
"Sticks and stones, may break your bones, but words can never hurt you." I for one, would love to say that statement- is a load of bullshit.
A promise you made to me, to be your friend. You told me you will be here until the very end. Lies! Chuckling, laughing, pushing, punching my face!
you place the blades to your wrist again, the blood begins to pool, you think your family will never be whole and you wittness oppression at school.   but you only want someone to see,
Dismal, per the echoes of the thoughts’ ringing, not singing, blaring in my ear just what I need to perceive to remain resilient.
On December 14th, I was born. Fourteen years later, one tragic event happened this same day, which was the shooting at Sandy Hook. This event terrorized many people. When I thought about it, all I wanted to know was is the shooter in jail?
Jesus walks with in me day by day When I show them the real me they say it's not okay They say it's weird and awkward to show who you really are
I was taught that being differ
At first, life was beautiful, At first, life seemed hopeful, At first, life was bright, At first, the worst Boy felt was childish fright,     But then came puberty and with it, confusion,
i see him memorys scream at me i choke i choke what if i could forget my sense of sight and only hear the words of students passing by  i would never see light
Trying to invent myself. I'll juggle it all and make all the right choices. I'm overwhelmed. Like a cloud stretching to cover the entire Earth.  It reminds me that I am small.
Laughter A silent haunting Creeping in the subconscious minds of the mourning Days pass without the fight to shower Burdening freedom To not disturb the dreams of ponies They see in heaven
I am flawless. I go to school with no make-up, I get judged.
Skies dull where they once where full of life, light had shown through those clouds just months ago.
I walk through the hallway  just trying to make my way without any mistakes trying to avoid the fakes.  I see my friends, one on the left, one on the right  but for some reason i still have a fright. 
I. I am in my drama classroom. I sit on a stool in front of my peers And I think I ask them “If I was a teacher, do you think Anyone would take me seriously?” I get a mixed bunch of answers
A voice, wanting to be heard, A song, waiting to be sung, A head, remaining unlifted,  A body, unwilling to be strong. A mind, that is still wondering, "When can I no longer be silent?"
Write once with no love, would be like brathing without you, write once my love, when there is no sound in your voice.   Should I tell you what I want? Why would I let you know,
As i woke up for the day I wanted everyone to go away Anyway its a Monday worse day of the week
Laughter is something about a joke and has a smile
Give in to the nrom, What's the harm in that? A good little robot Trained to think like them. Not for me. I'm breaking out, a runaway, Trying to be who I really am. The road will be harsh,
To my 13 year old self, Do you want the good news or the bad?
I've been surrounded by people, who've greatly impacted my life. "Great", such a terriible word. Its nature is a double-edged sword. For one who conquers the world, whether to spread love or unleash hate
you thought this time it would go by the book again it almost always does you know the one it's my own edition maybe but its always the same story or it was supposed to be
somenights i dream about killing you, somenights i dream about kissing you but - every morning i wake up breathless - and alone
I never even knew you existed until you were gone
We were all surprised When outside the sun continued to rise and shine A reminder that time just keeps moving As if everything is fine. Even if it clearly is not fine.
And I'm still thinking why. . . Why did god chose me for this struggle on my journey Who am I, why does my appearance gives the right to judge me.
She rules with an iron fist, but such grace and bliss Yet among the shadows she remains For her subjecs yet do not know That their fair lady is among their mass With beauty and kindness that will never pass
I can’t sleep at night,
Elementary school was wrose than you could possibly imagine. The wrost experience of my life, if I was ever depressed in my short life, Then I was depressed in Elementary school.
A stone wall where a face should be, Any emotion is fleeting,  But behind is a heart that pumps out the red sea. And still the system begins repeating,   The cold appearance, The dead eyes,
The souls of the many Were taken to the gates that day That day where a deranged boy decided to kill Looking out the window sill You don’t see their souls being carried up to the clouds But they are
                                                              My name is Abby Reece                                                                People think I`m gross,
 I am Falling can’t you see? My Mind is drifting, slowly I’m Falling
 Everyday you wake up not knowing what the day holds.
Their backs are watching, creeping behind you to find that you've got a knife stuck in the back. they laugh at you thinking I was the one who struck, the darkness conceals them like the black plague concealed the British.
They want to know my answer
It is dangerous to underestimate the value of this life.  It is dangerous to belittle the opportunities to overcome strife. Life is fragile. When it is lost, it is hard to know how to respond.
a quote- normally said by kids /w joy-meant 2 stike stress on sholders
Sit down. Or maybe you should move away from the door. Listen to your professor. Or maybe you should send out once last text to your family members letting them now the news.
One plus one equals two, two plus two equals four, and four plus four equals eight. A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O- BANG!
I would like to be an Angel So I could watch over you Poor Sobbing Girl   Crouching with your hand clinching your heart The cell phone about to fall out of your hand
Day in, day out We hear harsh words We get rejected We get shot down We get made fun of But you know what we don't do? We don't hurt other people. A woman has a right A man has a right
Look in a mirror and all you will see Is yourself staring back at me. From the dark in your heart to the blonde in your hair It’s very clear you’re not going anywhere.
I don't need your anger or your hate. I don't need your rampant misogyny. I don't need any of that. None of us do.   Those people didn't need it either. Lives cut short on a savage whim.
     There are worse things than not talking You can say something wrong                       you're stupid                           leave
I came in like a wrecking ball Do you see me now? I jump from buildings for fun Do you see me now?
We see what we think, But what's thought is not always seen. So don't see, watch.
She was just seven years old. The story of her life had never been told. She had plans and dreams. She was more than she seemed And her tears did stream As she silently screamed
When I was sixteen, another sixteen year old took a knife to school and wounded
Everyday I walk through crowds of killers. The pungent smell of hate burns my nose. Their cruel jokes murder my poor ears. You are so hatefull to eachother.
you build me up just to tear me down Society's pressure like a car in a compound Society maneuvers around things Things they don't wanna discuss But rappers can talk about thug life and rolling up
Most vile of acts Taking items and chances All crime is stealing
Gliding through the hallwaysSurrounded by people I don’t knowShoulders touching, voices collidingAnd I thinkHow is this any differentThan a place where the condemned goA residence for the convicts
Dealing with the constant pressure and total authority. I can't even learn right from wrong or do my best Cause everything is based on a standardized test
The earth’s crust cracks The hot lava deep from inside writhes in aching pain, Striving for a release My face crumbles in agony as I see the cruelty rein on My heart beats strong
'Get home safely' is what they told me, As I ventured without even knowing. I sought to conquer, I sought to have power. I sought everything I would ever desire. However, in a world like ours nothing is promised.
There's nothing like entering a school campus early in the morning Only a few cars are there, so one can get a front row spot Have you ever walked into an English teachers classroom?
A rumor goes in one ear and out many mouths
If you have nothing nice To say, Then say nothing at all.   Silence is golden When you Need to be small.   Do not rock the boat Too much, Or everyone will fall.  
I use to take it lightly, when you pushed me down and I couldnt get up. You dont like it when your dad screams or when he hits your mom because he is angry.  I thought you were just a mean person 
Cleveland is the city for shooting,stabbing and killing we also have the academic appealing to do better than where we grew up to show the government we didn't mess up some wish for a better life but continue to fight and hurt others mentally em
Child, tell me your dreams, tell me of your aspirations... BANG...BANG BANG...too late...
Taking pictures half naked Smoking and drinkin to try and forget your father left Breaking your mothers heart for getting suspended from school for being half baked
I remember everything you did for me. I remember when we met in 9th grade.I still remember the prank you played on me you see,
What’s up with these kids in schools Why do they think it’s ok To run around toting guns And slaying in the hallways   What makes them think they’ve got the right To take someone’s life
Yesterday we were five years old, counting down the tick tocksfrom the standard-issue black clocks until recess timewithout a single thought of the outside world. As we ran
Speeches on the news, Articles in the paper, Flags at half mast, America has been wounded.  
Little Angles A Tribute to the Fallen Children of Sandy Hook  
Twenty six innocent victims were taken that day-Many of them children,Whose lives were cut
There was an angry student standing in our mist, We wished he would just stop, Instead of scaring us a lot.   The gun was pointed, And poised to shoot,
Look into the dark The light is sure to come The pedestal is so high Yet you feel so low Their bark is worse Than their bite   So leave your mark Let them know where your from
She tried lipstick for the first time— Mommy’s lipstick, red smeared from ear to ear. Her grin—those six tiny freckles she inherited from you— those teeth, with the gap, you keep saying should have braces
As she walks through the halls the whispers get louder she's listening her tear drops glistening your telling her she's not good enough some say she's not hood enough she's debating
Trying so hard to change your mind To show you all things get better with time. You can make it through this I know you can   Your greatest weakness only shows when you stop believing in yourself.
Tis the common law of nature that the petals become faded Ephemeral as every thing is one's hopes once tall grow jaded. You too, who were so--you immortality came belated
Children screaming
it's like a battle feild out here stray bullets everywhere but its like there all aimed at me i dont understand why the silly thing about it is they expect me to fall they want me to give up
As I walk down the halls in the prison known as school  I see the clown kissing the cheer queen I see the Bull pushing the next Einstein down the hollowed stairs I see the Brick walls creating corners of the prison cells
“You don’t know everything Ms. Johnson!” “I know everything that goes on in my classroom!” “Oh you do!?!?! You know all about your students? Do you know what they deal with outside of these four walls? I don’t think so!”
Stepping through superficial doors, regardless of time. blurred souls without a face, falling into place like soldiers in a line. People put together on society's assembly line, homegrown clones brought to fruition by the ideals of another mind.
He is just rude,
Race War
Do you know what it is to be on the streets?​
I am not a monster I am not a ghoul I am not the man who makes the rule I am a child Your own baby The smiles I gave you and the dreams you gave me I am the boy I am the girl
There are students screaming and laughing too. They're making fun of me, the usual. I cry so hard but no one hears me, the teachers see me but come no where near me.
 I thought of what I could've done, To prove to them their words, were not my number one.  I thought about it day and night,   For the words they said to me had gave me such a fright.
Control is what you taught me, was that your intention. You always told me when where what and how to do it. Measured by how much I remember not by what I thinking, am I allowed to mention?
The place where your mind goes is way off this earth .The cycles of negativity surronded by you is the norm like photosynthesis is for plants.
education in my mind is just a bullshit way to categorize people into differant groups just because schooles claime to teach the students new things it doesent meen that the students are actually learning.
Do you not see it, all the pain in his eyes? He's bleeding and hurt. You just turn your head away and keep teaching the lesson.   They know what it is, the reason why you don't care.
What is something you can't say to your teacher? Is it a thing or an action? A place or person? A problem or an obstacle? A struggle or problem? To tell you the truth we can tell all of this
People cry over things that are said and seen. Adults think we will get over it cause we're teens. They think just saying something will stop us. They think setting up rules will keep their trust.
What is a bully? Where do they come from? What do they do? And what do they eat? You see that girl with the funny walk? That's me. You see that other girl?
There it goes again. Another fist to their jaws, Another bomb to their world That you promised was bombsheltered. They’re sick and tired Of being tired and sick. Yet you’ve done nothing
No, I'm not bigger No, I'm not stronger You can tell that by first glance   I can't run from you I can't hide from you I don't even stand a chance   I haven't got much,
Mr. Teacher is grumpy, He's short and a little stumpy. In class a boy gets up to find a familiar face, But Mr. Teacher commands him back to his place. As the year goes on the boy still gets up,
You see, through my words, I wasn't born into this world a pauper. I wasn't raised by monks, but by priests. They taught me everything but one thing How the world is.
When you open your mouth, I dream of throwing a show at your face. When you speak, I see you falling off a building. Your red hair looks like a bird's nest in the firery pits of Hell.
Is all you care about is your health ? If you're healthy, then we are? Is it because im black you think im dumb?
Voice Unheard Voice Unseen Person of visibility No longer seen Invisible   Walks halls Walks streets Day after day Still Unseen Invisible   Voice of crys
Tears drip,
REMEMBERANCE: A Lament of the Children .........................................................................  Forget not those that are lost, store in memory all those gone away
There are so many things I want to tell you I was the quiet one in class who did all of his work But you still gave me the bad grades because I did not talk throughout your class
Oh I’d go through all this pain,Take a bullet straight through my brain. Yes I would die for you babe.But you won’t do the same. …
Tears streaming down his face He reaches for the belt in his closet. He looks up at his ceiling fan. “Will it hold me?” No. He reaches for the open razorblade on his wardrobe.
I know that they are there They know that I am here But what did I do?   I look up... Big mistake Eye contact has been made. They are coming. Faster and faster.  
You yell at me and I stare, I don't know what to do. I know what I want to say, but the message won't go through. The words are stuck in my throat, I can't speak cause of the looks you show.
 A boy walks into school hoping to get through, then a bully walks up to him and asks when his money is due, the boy shivers in fear and says never, the bully punches the boy in the face and says "You think you big?".
Why must we fight  Instead of being  friends Why must we fight For what reason should it be Why must we fight When we're all the same Why must we fight Just because someone is different
You never know when one day it will be the last day you see a loved ones faceAnd you cry when you hear the news they have been taken awayI wonder how Kendrick Johnson's parents felt
My School choses hate and discriminate No time for peace There’s only time to incriminate With regular visits from the police   Rumors decide the students’ futures
Teacher teacher please sit down take a second to remove your crown. Get out your binder and please take notes this next subject is no joke.   Pregnancy, bullying, and drugs walk the halls
I can't breathe. I'm drowning, the knowledge they expect me to absorb like a sponge surrounds me. But to be drowned would be too sweet an end. When stuck at sea, one can paddle to the top.  No, I've been buried.
Hey you teacher standing in the front of the class room. You make me want to stand up and smack you with a dirty broom.
you stand there with your chest poked out, trying to tell us things we dont know about.well how about you sit in this uncomfortable desk and allow us to get some things off our chest.  You said you heard all the excuses and lies but have ypu seen
My styelmy style My Styleis a br         okenmess of   s h a t t e r e dglassandemptylineswithoutpunctuation
In A Room Full Of Doom If A Room Shall Bloom The Only Way Too Bloom Is To Stop The Doom
Instructors of the world open up your hearts and give Us students a reason to succeed and live Giving us assignments no lessons or lecture Made us feel like drones not human but lesser Just another number...
I can’t tell Professor C that I’m not focused ‘cause I’m so anxious I don’t sleep I can’t tell him that I hate the way I am and I’m dying to change There’s no way he’s gonna understand the way my heart feels, let alone my uterus
walk through halls but utter silence inside  my mind a blur of noise  outside   'everyone will find a place' 'high school is a better place' but I miss the days of being free
Teacher, Teacher, Teach me what i need to know.  Math. Science. Biology. No, not subjects that will save your job from the hunger games that teaching is. Teach me what will save me. Detest. Hate. Anger. 
School is stressful enough on its own,Your loud screaming is the last thing I need!How am I supposed to grow into a beautiful flower,If you keep ripping up and stomping on my seed?
A normal day like any other, You smile across the room. I make my way to talk to you, Then screams erupt, but whom?   Our eyes dart to the open door, Where classmates hurry by,
My sister is bullied No one stops it No one seems to care. She comes home from school Trying to be tough But we see through her act As she pulls carrots from her hair.  
You think you know what it's like to be a student. You think we're safe, you think we're fine, sometimes, you think that we're out of line. But the truth is that what you think may not be true,
Everyone sees that perfect girl in the corrner. She gets the grades, Has the marks, And all the teachers are wrapped around her pinkie finger. But little does anyone know,
Lost. Hopeless. Tear filled eyes Gaze                 Upon the scene. The horror.   What mad game has the artist played? Conjuring up dark roots, Faded memories,
  Cry.   When the harsh words hit my ears.   When what was simple turns to tears.   When there is no friend in the world.   When life seems in a whirl.  
Your job is tough, your life is rough I swear I understand But any little thing that goes wrong Is not reason to get mad You cry you scream you kick and curse You are only making things much worse
Insecurity filled the teenager With agony, pain and woe. This emptiness will take her To a place where happiness is low. Heavyset is how they described her So she focused on losing weight.
The sun was shining on the bus window I was ready to relax as I walked through the doorway When I got inside my home I turned on the local news show I had no idea what they were going to say ...
Again Thinking, bored Rules, careless, regret Problems, resentment, anger, violence Blame, shame, alone, frustration, hatred, rage Answer Calm, plan, smirk, waiting, hating Ready, gun, backpack
I lose my substance and I fade away. Becoming transparent, I see them through my looking glass.  Terrifying brutality. Hyperventilating, I let my breath  fog my vision.
Another day, another night just like the one before but for me, Kurembra, my limbs are still sore I want to cry with every passing day and I want my family
He wakes up in the morning, the sun is painting the horizon with its rays. He sits at the table, yawning, because it's getting harder to sleep these days. Breakfast is huevos rancheros,
Hard confusing a talk of a boreding in class the teachers talks bout her day when we just to run away. Euquations and essay just using my brain just to get a anohter 'A' who cares bout her day.
  She wasn’t really to be described as a person of order.  She was lying on her bed in the center of the room,  all the lights in her room were on, and she liked the light.
To the naked eye you see all the turbulence flint projects. Nobody detects the immeasurable possibility.
Sitting in class Waiting for time to pass All teacher do is sit on their... Asking questions day by day  No one listens anyway I just really want to say I'm bored...
Sitting in class Waiting for time to pass All teacher do is sit on their... Asking questions day by day  No one listens anyway I just really want to say I'm bored...
I'm stuck, lost, worried, and failing, are all the things you can say.  It's the general goodbye, hello, and anything new? Then there are those moments, when you have no where else to turn. 
Often times, kids think they're smart talking back to some "old fart". One thing they don't know is that this "old fart" once wore a backwards hat. He was cool once, too-- Just like me, and just like you.
Today, I discovered who you were And also I discovred the legend you left behind. Surely, you are the true king of cowards. The definition of all things weak and un-Godliness. You think your soul is safe
I recall one day, sitting in class, The memory is quite vivid; I called my teacher a pain in the ass, And he was surely livid.    It seems as though I was out of line, 
I'm here at school mommy, I'm having so much fun. I'm here at school mommy, waiting to go outside and run.   I'm here in class mommy, I miss you and Dad. I'm here in class mommy,
Do you care That I am hurting, that she is confused. That he is perverting, that they are excused. Do you hear The demeaning lies, and the profane noise. The freshman's cries, and the bully's ploys.
It hurts me to breath, it hurts me to weepIn silence we all bear this tragedyWe hold tight to our babiesOur family and friendsAs our hearts fall to piecesfor twenty lives left unlived.
Shooting stars are not all we have For we receive choices to make And to pave our own path Some opportunities to take
She doesn't talk anymoreBut it ain't none of my business She covers up bruises and scarsBut it ain't none of my business She's got a broken spiritBut it ain't none of my business
There will be an occurance that causes much doubt,  chilling you to your marrow, making you unable to shout.   It is a monster, a darkness, that seeks to destroy. It plays with you as if your'e just it's toy.
The lines, the finite little cracks in the road, come together and tear apart continually as I walk along the street. A fine summer day, a perfect 85 degrees with full sunshine.
I saw it all, just because my locker was next to his. His silent cries, the bully can't hear ring through my own two ears. The bully will push and shove, and the kid will be silent, but cry out for love.
When I look at you,  I don't see flesh, I don't see flush,  I don't see purple, pink, or white. I don't see rummors,  I don't see prejudice.  I don' see BLACK,  I don't see WHITE.
When eyes are sprinkled across the sky Do we ask where they were pulled from? Are they from the brave? The walls that fight, who protect and stand for our rights?
I keep having this dream
I Am- a friendWonder- if it enough I Hear- about hate and betrayal I See- hate between new and old friends I Want- people to get their heads out of the clouds 
First day of high school, I wore a dress to impress and I guess I was subjective to the people that I messed with, but it didn't stop there. People were staring at the waistline of my elastic that made me look fat.
(poems go here) Have you ever felt down and out? Stupid? Unsuccessful? Afraid? Bored? Tired? Helpless? Well I have For I am HUMAN But the world seems to forget Shh….
Child: The night Before. We celebrated Chanukah. The Dradle  spinning Round and round Until it fell. Down, down, down. I hugged mommy and daddy
In the midst - of used up feelings and stale emotions, In the eye of the hurricane, When all is deceptively calm, She asks me, “What is under the mask?”
They say it's the gun that we should fear. But listen to this. This gun that I hold, listen to it, it cannot walk, talk, or feel. This gun cannot be held responsible for actions of a hurt heart.
I breathe in  Finding myself in a dream Who am I to be on this earth  Write down your troubles, child and all will make sense The dream moves on but nothing has changed Am I alive? Have I truly lived?
Sly grins, loose laughter Nike's stacked up on the desktop Eyelids sagging as pop melodies melt through the tunnel in my head That coveted lunch period almost at its fatality
Today I became angry with GodWhom I do not believe in
Hair bows and straighteners, book bags and hoodies Walked through the crowd. Somewhere up ahead Book bags thrown. Like the circle of a throat The students on every side were turning red.
BOOM. Get down, Go where it’s safe There’s nothing to worry about It’s just a firecracker The celebratory roar
It’s a barren cold winter Frozen and cracked across the surface Our breath stops in the air above us Our breath leaves us and huddles together in frigid air
This is the story of a girl Young and frail Full of life Ready for her future It has never been so bright This is the story of a girl Who smile can light up the whole world
It was never going to happen. Not here. Never here. Here was safe- here was families who had three kids who all played soccer And had dads who coached.
I Went to See the Stars Today…I find no more the Sandy Hook Elementary School sign upon which the Sun would shine…An Angel and a Bird have taken it's place to float in the Sping Breezes of this now Sacred Place…As I sit and watch the pinwheels spi
I'm here in class Last one in the back No one else can realize That I have a voice that cannot be denied You say that you don't hear me But really your just not listening
I'm here in class Last one in the back No one else can realize That I have a voice that cannot be denied You say that you don't hear me But really your just not listening
If I do a dare, Then my peers swear, They will spare, My life. If I don’t do the dare, Then my peers swear, They will square. I’m so scared. Who cares? I cannot sleep,
Ones apon-a-time there was a girl, Her life was sad, lonely and just terrible, She always try to hide the real her, Beacuase people just didn't really care, She tried to do something to her body weight,
I never noticed Johnny before, nothing other than his greasy hair and eyes tainted like purple bruises. It’s strange how small he seemed at a towering six feet. He was always easy to forget,
He watches. I see. He yells. I whisper. They watch. We see. He glares. I grin. He hits. I hurt. They laugh. He smirks. I cry... He leaves. And I am gone.
Who Do You Think You Are and What Do You Want With Me
The student body gathered outside that winter night on one of the windiest days of the year and we held candles in paper cups between the spaces in our cotton gloves
Twenty doves have flown into the graces of an almighty God... Awaiting with open arms he welcomed in twenty innocents to gather upon his sheep...
The sun arose as usual, bringing with it the pattering of small shoes followed by the clacking of heels down wooden corridors, to colorful rooms, for another day of learning.
This is for the lonely kid Alone at lunch Drawing bullets on his lunch box lid Put the gun down Because your the only one You'll ever be running from
In the classroom we sat and heard the first shot. Before we knew what happened the ones around us were gone; All we could see were streams of red.
“Good Morning Children!” “Good Morning m’am” “Today we’ll learn to read and write, Under the pillars And under the trees Lived a man Known as Dee He loved to dance, Read and write
Apologies. What do they mean? It's a request for forgiveness. Plea for correctness. It's a wish to make things right, to make it through the night, with out wanting to cry,
hatred is a seed it sits, perched, in your soul roots it can break open when it does, the small tentacles stretch, they uncurl, latch on like a parasite
"Realizing The Truth" People yet to forget love, forget joy forget peace forget what are ancestors did in order for us to live
Today I saw Sunshine in the clouds, The kind that makes me happy. Today I saw Sunshine in the sky, The kind that makes me cry. Today I saw Sunshine in the dark, The kind that makes me sway.
Depression strikes like a rock. Each and every day I feel like going further and further away. One thought, I’m done. Another, I will always miss someone. “Just take it,” they tell me.
I will show you how to succeeed It's not through brain or brawn But through sheer hard work
I dream a dream so dear and ture. but to see you be in such a mood, make my dream come fade. I want to see you dream A dream I do. but in these darkened halls, I see and hear no dream.
Hold it, hold it don’t let it fall Once it falls he’ll call you a cry baby You scream at the top of your lungs You are angry and about to explode In your head you know you have to look tuff
We try to get even, we try to get back, but in essence we need, character, we lack. Revenge is a poison, it damages us all, we think its the answer, but it's really our fall.
We're broken from the inside out tell me where do we go now in these dark nights and hopeless times when all our faith runs out
She said yes That faithful day on April 20th That was such a mess She was questioned with a gun to her head Asked by her murders "Do you believe in God?" She answered with the utmost strength
There’s a silence All around me On the mountains In the clouds As I listen To the raindrops I start to wonder About the sound
Child, he was just a child He was shot in cold blood With no reason, but he was the victim Children, children, children These children were young They probably thought they did something wrong
Bullying Why does it happen Who does it happen to I don't know why or who But I know how to stop it Why take bullying lightly For a change stand up for yourself
Look around cliches all around you They surround you Everyone's in one. Since the first day of middle school. There's not much chance of changing cliches. Preps, Geeks, Nerds, Jocks, Skaters, and Freaks.
Beautiful days can turn disastrous with one decision Smiles become screams of horror Happiness metamorphosizes into terror
All within this one crazy year, There is not one memory I could change, I cannot believe the end is near. Most people would cheer, Challenges conquered even when varied and ranged,
you watch the girl across the hall but as she cries for help while the others crowd around her. you step in to help her and in the process you get hurt also.
There's a fear clawing at the inner walls of my heart, a fear of unknown things. It stretches my chest and crawls into my brain, where with silent power, it rings. I'm afraid of the people around me
Well, it's easy for you to say That any day is a good day It's easy for you to think That we all have great reasons to blink Each and every day stabs harder than the last
(poems go here) My Bizzar sister is in need She is very strange I must help her
Today is the day I'll die. You never think about death at 15, In the Marching Band, An average B student.
I dont want to blend in with your high society I would have too quit without my variety Your world is insane Its nothing but a mind game What you want to see What you want them to be
“I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness.” – Allen Ginsberg
What if that mother had been more alert. What if her child didn't tell her he was hurt. I wonder what went through heads that day. When the man entered the school, while children were at play.
(poems go here) Many people fear change. They fear the vulnerability. They fear the need to adapt. They fear the lesson that they may learn. It is frightening to be new, to be out of your element,
Where were you? When you heard your first gunshot. Where were you? When you first realized that bad things, happen to good people. Where were you? When you first lost a friend.
For what it's worth, I know my worth, I know I'm beautiful-- Not just on the outside, but everywhere else past the naked eye. For what it's worth, I"m confident and I love my complex life.
The unknown Feeling of guilt Feeling of pain Will never know, will never see Just the guilt and pain is all I plea You will be watching my every step The decisions I make I hope you see my truth
I held her in my arms And listened to her muffled sobbing As her face remained Buried in the crook of my neck So young- too young- To understand Yet she knew the pain Of all those around her
Round curls and shiny locks In gold, red, and brown Bounce on their foreheads As they skip and run through the halls.
That was a do-you- remember-where- you-were-when- Elvis-died day. Bold marchers stretched thin as the casing trail to cafeteria tables. No one can hide from silver-barreled
This man has given everything he has has given so many years of his life for you. To protect you. And you have the nerve - the sheer audacity - to fight? Your petty argument
There is a part of me That feels I am different from everyone else. Something that I can't quite see, Something that I can't quite feel, Something so unreal. But this 'thing' is always there,
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