The Truth

Fri, 11/15/2013 - 08:33 -- JordanO

 A boy walks into school hoping to get through, then a bully walks up to him and asks when his money is due, the boy shivers in fear and says never, the bully punches the boy in the face and says "You think you big?". the boy starts to get mad and begins to cry, and the bully continues to beat him up, while everybody watches. The bully stops and walks past the people who just stare, instead of stepping in. The boy, bloody, slowly gets up, and just stares, not saying a thing. Then someone lets out a evil laugh, and they all laugh. The boy runs away, and onto the bus. He comes home, mom wants to know what happened. He says nothing and goes to his room. He hears his mom crying, and finds out his sister dated his bully. He goes to school the next day, and his sister comes up to him, saying his bully called her a wh**e and shoved her into a locker. The boy gets really mad, and he heads to lunch. The bully comes up to him and hits him, and he says "Leave me alone!". The bully hits him again, and the boy turns around and punchs him back. The boy then begins to beat him, punching him in the face and doesn't stop until pulled off, like 10 minutes later. The boy rushes to his sister and hugs her and says "I love you, no one will hurt you." The bully, never bothered him again. He moved next year. That little boy throughout the me.       shivers in fearsnhbvs]ddsvffdsgvd

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That it is all true. It really happened, and i know what people go through.

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