Why Did You Have To Go?(Why Did God Take You From Me?)

I never even knew you existed until you were gone

I had no clue who you even were-And mom only ever met you once or twice-

It don’t matter anyway, ‘cause both times she met you you were sick-

Sick enough that you didn’t even know that my mom was your great niece-

I didn’t know you even existed until it was too late-

You were already gone by then,

Why-Oh, why did you have to leave?

Why’d you have to go away?-How could God do this to me-

Every day I regret not knowing you, every day I wish that, just once, 

I could’ve told you those three words everyone wants to hear from their loved ones-From their family.

I wish I had been able to say “I love you.” just once-God didn’t give me that, though,

Why, then, did He have to take you from me?

Why did you have to go?-Why did God take you from me?



What happened at Sandy Hook SHOULD NEVER happen again. I wrote this poem for all those people who lost a loved one in the Sandy Hook shooting.  I want each and every one of them to read this poem and know that you never truly say goodbye to the ones you love because they will ALWAYS BE WATCHING OVER YOU, THEY WILL ALWAYS BE YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL(S).

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